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Added exceptional design challenges:

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Differently Abled ChallengeBuildings ChallengeCommunication Challenge
Concept ChallengeStreet Furniture ChallengeInterface Challenge
Lightings ChallengeArts ChallengeIndustrial Product Challenge
Product Packaging ChallengeSoftware ChallengeSponsoring Challenge
Tableware ChallengeWatch ChallengePriser Challenge
Superior Product ChallengeAwards ChallengeFashion Challenge
Fashion Clothing ChallengePattern ChallengePhoto Manipulation Challenge
Sparkling Idea ChallengeFashion Goods ChallengeThe One and Only Challenge
Manufacturing Machinery ChallengeItalians ChallengeSchool of Design Challenge
Greatest Architects ChallengeGreatest Art Pieces ChallengeLeading Challenge
Pioneers ChallengeResearch Proposals ChallengeArt Works Challenge
Financial Instruments ChallengeHospitality ChallengeShortlisted Challenge
Tableware ChallengeArt Events ChallengeDesign Weeks Challenge
Display Units ChallengeAlmanacs ChallengeArtists Books Challenge
Interaction Design ChallengeEngineering ChallengeInstitutional Challenge

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